Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wrestling Letter

The wrestling team had a dinner for everyone and gave out a few awards and a slide show of the season. It was a lot of fun and the highlight of our night was Brett getting his Varsity Letter. He worked really hard all season and was able to earn the letter. I told him that we needed to go over and get him a Letterman's jacket and he told me that he could wait until he was older because he didn't want to grow out of it. :) I told him that he can wait but he will want it once he is in high school. Brett we are so proud of you and your determination.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wrestling 2010

Ok, I have been wanting to get this on the blog so that I have it. This year in November Brett decided that he wanted to try wrestling. I said ok what do we need to do? He said he didn't know but that they would be starting up soon and he wanted to wrestle with the High School rather than the Jr. High team. So we committed to driving him over every day after school (I can't wait until he can drive) He started out the year wrestling 135, he did great for never wrestling a day in his life. The coach told us that if he didn't win a match the entire season not to worry, that his 9th grade year was just about learning. So I was not too worried about him really wrestling. Little did I know that I was going to love it and he would do so well.
By the end of the year or season he had dropped down to wrestle in the 125lb. bracket, he excelled at this weight and took off. It was so fun to watch him each match and to see his determination. He would set goals each match and he would reach each goal. We went down to the tournament in St. George and he ended up taking 6th place there. I love watching him and cheering him on. He ended the season with a record of 13-13.
I am not really a fan of the singlets that they wear but I have to be impressed with his muscles. I wish I had some definition like that. I cant wait until next season.