Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Birthday Time...

Happy Birthday! Today is my dad's birthday, he is such a great father and example to have in my life. I am very lucky to call him dad. I have some of the best memories growing up and doing things with him. My dad has always tired to teach me to do the right, sometimes it worked and sometimes I feel short.. :) But my dad was always right there to pick me up and dust me off and help me along the path. For that I will be forever grateful. My dad loves with all his heart and once your in his circle you will always be in it. He is such a loving husband, father, brother, uncle, and grandfather. We are all lucky to have you in our lives! Hope you have a great day and know that we all love you!
Colby, Erika, Kaid, Brett, & Brock

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flag Football ~ Redskins!

I know this is late but this is something that I want in my book so it is on here. Football was played during the end of September and October..

Brock got to play flag football this year ~ I think he would have rather it been tackle but hey it's okay with me. He was on the Redskins and played in Salem, Colby was his coach and they had a lot of fun and learned a lot! Brock was thrilled to get to play he LOVES football ( actually he loves sports) it was so fun to go and watch these kids come together as a team and win the games. Because of Colby's work schedule all of the games were either at 6:30 or 7:30 so the last few games have been FREEZING but that has not stopped the kids from doing great.

It was fun to watch the kids, some of them did not get the "flag" part of it and really tackled some of the other players hard- but still it was exciting.
Last night was the championships and they ended up taking 3rd place. Way to go Brock, he had 9 catches and scored 1 of the 2 point conversions for the win.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brad Paisley Concert

Like I said I am going to go back a little to have a record of things that we have been doing. This concert is one that I want to remember. We had so much fun! Judi and Taysia went with Brett, Coltin, and I. We also meet up with Chelsey & Matt, and Lacee & Miles. We went to Texas Roadhouse to eat before we headed out to the concert. We decided to all pile into my truck to get out to the Usana, because Chelsey had never been there and just because it was going to be easier to get everyone out there and back. So we loaded 9 people into the truck- I know not safe~ but we all made it home in one piece.
This is Brett and Coltin, I had to laugh because they did not seem like they were having a lot of fun, but both of them said that it was one of the best concerts that they had been too. So who knows! :)

Brett and Kaid both love Taylor Swift so Brett was telling me to get pictures of her. So that is why it's here.
Here is Brett and I right before Brad Paisley came out, and right before the rain started.
These girls.....what can I say? We had extremely good seats and we were right at the isle, so poor Coltin and Brett would get all of the stray, drunk, friendly girls that would come and dance with them, no scratch that they would TRY to get them to dance with them. Well this girl had just had one too many to drink and while she was dancing she spilled her drink all down the front of Coltin and Brett. I felt so bad I offered to trade him spots but he said he was fine. I had to laugh because every time I looked over it appeared that she was offering Coltin a beer. I told Brett to not be surprised if he was grounded from our family next time he wanted to bring him along.
Just before Dierks came on we ventured back to the lawn seating to see some of the homies~ Chomp and Fly. We all had a great time and can't wait to do it again!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dove Hunt

Brock has always wanted to hunt, from the time he could walk and talk he would ask Colby when he could go hunting....Colby has always said once you can read and understand the hunters safety book you can take hunters safety and then you will be able to hunt. So this year Colby felt that Brock was ready, so Colby signed him up for his Hunter's Ed class and Brock did awesome! He passed both the written test and the shooting test. So the other day the older boys took him out dove hunting. They had not been out for too long and we got this picture text on our phones! Yep! Brock's first time and he gets a dove. He was so excited and so proud! I guess there is no turning back now, he has the hunting bug!

Good job Brock!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Corn Maze

Wow time sure flies by, I can't believe that it is October already. There has been so much that I have wanted to put on the blog but have not had the time. So I will have to back track in the next few posts. But I wanted to get up our fun night that we had. We go to the Corn Maze each year and this year Brock & Brett both brought friends. We had a lot of fun! This was the first thing we saw when we got to Hee Haw Farms..... One of the "friends" said that it looked a lot like his sister! (which was really mean.) This is Brett, Riley, and Brock on the hayride. I had to laugh because I told Brett and Riley that I was going to take a picture of them and Brock decided that he needed to get into the action.
After the hayride we walked around seeing all of the different things that they had to do, this was a duck race that you had to pump the water to see which duck would win. Riley was the only one that could actually make the water pump out so he obviously won!
After the duck races we walked over to the corn cannon and the kids loved this, all of them spent a lot of time at this, they could hit an old barn or other things that they had for the kids to hit. Brett seemed to get all of his over the barn. So who knows what he was hitting on the other side. On the way to the corn maze the kids found these big bikes that they could race, so needless to say they all took turns racing each other. Here Brett is "helping" Brock to the win.
I loved this next picture because you could see the determination on both the boys faces to WIN! I don't think Riley was wanting to be beat by a "little kid"!
This last picture was in the actual corn maze, it was a tricky one this year. Kaid "somehow" got separated from us and was done with the maze in record time. We found him out talking to a girl. Before we went in they gave us a list of rules and one of which was no picking corn, or cutting thru to find your way out. If we broke any of the rules the "corn cops" would ask us to leave. I told all of the boys that they needed to listen and make sure that we did not have the "cops" become an issue, sure enough we had been in the maze for about 5 minutes and here comes a "corn cop" just as Brock says we can cut thru right here.....The cop said no you can't and Brock just looked at me and turned and ran the other way. So we were following Brock and for a few minutes the "corn cop" was following us! All in all it was a fun time and I think that everyone enjoyed it!
Until Next Year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Labor day was quite eventful this year. We decided late Saturday night to head out camping- so we loaded up the trailer and headed out first thing Sunday morning. Once we got to where we were going to camp for the night we unhooked the trailer and the kids starting exploring and all of the sudden I hear Brock say " I want to go see the bear!" I came out of the trailer and said what are you talking about? Colby tells me that Kaid had found a bear that someone had killed and then tried to cover it up. Colby told the older two boys to drive down to where they could get cell service and call the fish and game. So they did and a few hours later her came the DWR to investigate the bear's death. It was really sad that someone would kill it and then try to cover it up. It was a yearly bear- (I guess that is what they call it) the fish cop said that it had been booted out by it's mom this year. So it really was not that big- I am sure that it was not hurting anyone- they should have left it alone. Oh and by the way it was just right up Payson canyon, less than a mile from girls camp.

The next day we knew that we would get up and eat breakfast and then go cut wood! Well as we were eating our breakfast in walked a bunch of cows....these two just kept staring us down. It was really funny because they did not want to move.

So once we were done eating we headed out to cut wood, this is something we have done for years. Colby use to sell so we were constantly cutting some where but now we just get for ourselves. But he had a goal of cutting 3 truck loads. I told him that he needed to remember that I am a "PRINCESS" and I don't do manual labor. (That is a total joke, I work right next to him when we cut wood, it's just not something that we did when I was growing up) He just laughed and said he would see me there, so Kaid and I drove the first load down to the house and unloaded it and grabbed drinks and went back to get the next load, once we got there Brett, Brock and Colby had more than the one truck load already cut. So the boys loaded the truck up and then Kaid took it down and me and the the two youngest stayed to help Colby get the rest of the wood. We worked hard...Brett and Colby touched each and every piece of wood that we got. Brett is really strong he could lift some of the pieces that where HUGE I told Colby that there was no way that I could have even moved them. Once we were done we had to wait a few minutes for Kaid to get back with the truck we looked over and we saw this: Brock was dead asleep on the ground. He had worked right along side both Colby and Brett all day long. He was wiped out. Once we loaded up the truck we decided it was time to head back home, along the ride Kaid stopped the truck in front of us and came running back to our truck and said did you see that badger? Colby hit reverse and sure enough there was a badger, they asked if they could kill it and Colby told them yes, so of course they got it and brought it home.You can see just how dirty you get from cutting wood, Brett had pine sap on his arm and I think a week later he still has it. All in all it was a nice relaxing time away. Now if I could just talk Colby out of going and getting more wood!?!?!


Friday, September 4, 2009

School Time Fun!

So with having all boys I did not think I would have the problem of them sneaking out clothes in their backpacks or having another outfit on under what they are wearing to school....But apparently I thought wrong! These ugly shorts are what I have found in Brock's backpack on two different occasions....And then yesterday as we were leaving for school I noticed that Brock's

pants were falling down I told him that he needed to get his belt or have me adjust the waist on them. He started to say I can't find my belt and he stopped mid sentence, I told him to just come over and I would adjust his waistband......Guess what I found when I grabbed his pants! Yep these ugly shorts were on UNDER his clothes and he has this ugly old "football" shirt that he had on under his other shirt. I told him to march himself back in the house and to change his clothes and that he was NOT allowed to wear that outfit to school EVER! He proceeds to tell me that football was starting and that he needed to practice while he was a recess and that he needed to dress the part...Are you serious you can't run around in your shorts or jeans you have to wear the ugliest shorts and an old shirt because that it what you think a football player would wear?!?! He cracks me up, but seriously I would have NEVER thought that I would have to deal with this. I guess that is what paybacks are all about :)!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another School Year.

It is really hard for me to write this.... I had a first and a last all in one moment! This is the first day of school for all of my kids and also the LAST first day of school for Kaid! He is a senior! It breaks my heart to think that in a few short months he will be graduating high school! Wow, time flies. As you can tell Brett and Brock were really the only ones that were OK with having their picture taken. I had to do both of these pictures- because we have always done two photos with the kids- up close and a little farther off. As you can see Kaid did get his cast off his nose, he only has to wear it at night for the next 3 weeks.
Brett is now in 8th grade and he could not wait to get back to school and see some of his friends. He has played hard all summer, but Brett really loves school.
Brock is in 3rd grade and has Mrs. Snow. We had to go in and find his class this morning and he was pretty excited. They are getting pretty smart they have split him up from all of his friends :) so he will have to make new ones again this year.
Hopefully they all have a good year, have fun, make new friends, and learn.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Last night we had the baseball team party! It was a lot of fun. And I have been wanting to do a post of how the end of the season went but I did not have photos- so last night I asked on of the moms and she said that she had them on Facebook- so I stole them from her FB page :) Thanks JANA! This is Ben, J'son, Phil, and Brock (he was the stand in for Kaid)
The team ended up doing really well in the tournament and won the entire thing! It was such a great season and tournament. We had fun watching them play and come together as a team.
It was a late night, the game was an 8:00pm start and they last typically 2 hours, and then they handed out shirts for the team. Colby was really happy and enjoyed being able to coach them. Hopefully they will come back next year and be an even stronger team!

It was bittersweet Kaid has played with alot of these guys for years and there were a couple that are graduated now and won't be back next year, and do to a schedule change the tournament was played a week later than it was scheduled so Kaid did not get to play in the tournament (he was working graveyards for cherry's) Oh well maybe next year.

Kaid's Surgery

Here is the before surgery photo and the after surgery photo. Kaid had surgery on Monday to repair his nose. Once the doctor got in there was more damage than he expected so the surgery was longer and they had to do a lot more than they originally planned on doing. They said that he will be in a cast for awhile- we really won't know much more until he goes back to the doctor on Tuesday. So for now he keeps taking his pain meds and is getting very good at the PS2! Good thing it's summer and friends can come over and visit him.
This was while he was in the holding area waiting to head into the operating room. This was 10 days after the break- you can still see just how swollen his nose is.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Sad Goodbye

The past few weeks have been pretty emotional around our house. We have had to say goodbye to two of our horses. We have been keeping our horses on some property in Elk Ridge for years now, and there were some issues that came up with the land and so we needed to move the horses. We have been looking to buy a house with land but have not really found the right place. So we decided that the best thing to do was to sell the horses until we get a place of our own. So about 1 ago we sold Sierra- I will get a photo of her on here. We have had Sierra since she was old enough to leave her mom. It was heartbreaking- But Colby did it while we were at ball games and so she was just gone one day. But on Saturday it was Smokey's turn to go- we loaded her in the trailer and meet the guy at Cabela's it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. We got Smokey right after Brett got burned, she was his therapy. He LOVED riding her and would spend hour upon hour with her. It was good for both of them. Brett did 4H with her and did very well. She helped build his confidence back up and he was more of the old Brett.
I was doing alright on the ride up, but when we got her out of the trailer it hit me like a ton of bricks. I started to cry, Brock said that he did not want to sell her and he was crying. The new owner came and they had two boys about the same ages as Brett and Brock, they were so excited to have a new horse, hopefully they will love her and take good care of her.

We are now down to one horse "Joe" that we need to sell and then we will sell the horse trailer.... It is hard to loose a pet - especially when your not ready to say goodbye.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summertime Chores.

OK, so I am sure that none of you have this issue....Summertime chores. It seems like I can leave a list of chores for the kids to do and by 9:15 am I am getting calls asking if they can go and do this or this! So I will ask are your chores done and of course the answer is "YES" so I will let them go. Well once I get home I usually tend to get upset because not only is the work not done but the house is usually a disaster. So after one day where things just seemed like I might have to run away and not come back, Colby told the kids that the next day he wanted a DETAILED report of what each kid did throughout the day.......Minute by minute! I was cleaning out my purse and found this and just wanted to remember just how cute it was.

If you notice Brock wrote his name next to each thing because he was wanting to make sure that he got the credit for each thing he did. He wrote the start and finish time and the chore and then the total time of each task. I think one of my favorites is the one near the bottom of this list * Clean kitchen it took him 1 minute. He actually had 2 1/2 pages of things that he had done throughout the day. All the boys actually did a list like this and I do have to say that since Colby had them do this, they seem to make sure that they do better. The joys of summer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wow, life has been BUSY! We have been finishing up baseball seasons and trying to finish up the remodel on the kitchen....
This past weekend we got to tend Payton and Cameron Bryce while Bryce and Michelle ran to St. George for the night. It was a lot of fun having the cousins over and letting them get to know each other.
On Saturday Brett got home from a week of scout camp, he was greeted by Cam, Brock and Payton. We decided that we would go down to the farm so that Payton and Cam could ride the horses. Brett decided that he was going to ride Smokey bareback, he was riding around the arena and having a fun time and all of the sudden there be came a problem, I was laughing so hard I asked him if he needed help I thought that he said no so I decided that I would grab a picture of him.

Once I grabbed the photo I again asked him he if needed help- this time he yelled "YES, I told you that the first time you asked" Oops! Sorry, he did a really good job of hopping with the horse as she was walking around the arena.

Once he got off the horse he put the saddle back on her and let Payton and Cameron Bryce have a turn. Payton got on the horse and sat there- then said that she was done. Cameron Bryce on the other hand loved it. He wanted to ride all by himself and not have anyone lead Smokey. I told him next time he could do that.

Once we were done riding the horses Brett brought over a new puppy and asked if he could keep it, being the good mother that I am, I told him of course we could keep it as long as it stayed at Merrill's place - he did not think I was funny! We had a great weekend, and hope Bryce and Michelle had a good anniversary.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baseball- It's NOT just a game?!?!

Ok, so I know that Colby will be mad about this one, but it's my blog and I can say what I want on this. So everyone knows how much I love baseball, I love going to all the games and cheering on the boys. We are at the ballpark typically five nights a week. Well last week in the many rain storms that we had, Kaid's team was playing in another town- and the ump SUCKED he did not know the rules and this was getting beyond frustrating, not only for the coach and players but for us fans! We had this same ump do a game the week before and he sucked then as well. Colby questioned him on a call and he said that it was the rule and deal with it. Colby told him that in fact he was wrong and that he needed to check the rule, well the ump did not and continued on with the game.(Which after the game he called Colby and told him that Colby was indeed RIGHT- and he was WRONG) We were up to bat and all of the sudden the ump got on the phone and called up to the score tower and said we missed a point the game is over!?!?! (the rain had started to REALLY come down at this point) Colby once again questioned the ump and all of the sudden the ump LOST it, I mean LOST it. He started swearing and hollering at Colby (yes, in front of both teams, and the parents) So I got up from the bleachers and went over to ask him nicely to not swear. I was waiting patiently by the dug out for his temper tantrum to be over, he turned around and took two steps and I said "Sir" and he shoved me into the fence and said a few choice words and walked off, I was in total shock that a GROWN man would put his hands on me so I just kind of stood there trying to take in what had just happened. Well Colby then lost it and told the guy that it is good that he was leaving because he would beat him up. After the police and days of trying to get a certain city (it is not too far from here and the rec director's name is Corey Meridith) to do the right thing, like NOT allow this guy to ump again. I am here to say that they sided with their ump and he is still getting paid to treat people like crap and to push women!
Another side note the rec directors boss of this other town is a WOMAN, I seriously don't get it... But that is besides the point.

So I have been pretty heated about the entire situation and so last night Kaid's team has another game in the other town, (oh by the way Payson's rec office told me that I should probably stay away from the ballpark, because there is obviously a conflict with me and the ump! Seriously-) so we are playing the game and we are only in the top of the 2nd inning and the other team had to take an out because they did not have enough players and when Colby said something about it, the PLAYERS and the COACH went crazy, they were swearing and throwing fits again. I was a little nervous about saying anything, but I thought I should not have to listen to all of this, so I said something to them and it calmed them down for a minute. But I guess my question is.....When did city league baseball become SO serious? Are there major league scouts that are here watching for players and coaches and umps? I mean seriously I love the game, but I don't understand people acting like they are two years old...
Does this other city not care that they are teaching their boys that A- it is OK to push women and B- that throwing a fit and swearing will get you what you want out of life?!?

Sorry that was my rant- and I will try to get off of my soap box now. But seriously people it is just a GAME!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Concert

On Thursday Judi, Brett, Riley and I went out to the Kelly Clarkson concert at UVU. It was an outdoor concert and the weather here has been horrible so we were ready with our rain gear and blankets. We went to dinner first and then headed over to the concert, there were a lot of people already there so we were not sure just how close to the front we would be able to get the boys. But we assured them that we would try to get them as close as possible. So we started making our way to the front, we found a spot and set down our blankets

This is Brett and Riley waiting for everything to start, don't they just look excited to be there?! Once we got settled they decided that they were going to walk around for a little while, once they came back Brett said I saw Kelly Clarkson, I did not really believe him so I asked what she was wearing....He said a greenish tank top and a little vest thingy... He is such a boy.

So Kelly comes out and guess what she is wearing... Yep you guessed it.

So I guess I should believe him more when he says things like this. We were about 8 rows back (it was GA , so if you can call it rows) But I told the boys that we would still try to get them closer. The concert started and she was really good, Brett and I had seen her when she came with Reba in November we both thought she was a good performer so we were excited to see her again. We were surrounded by a very "unique" group of people.....I learned a lot! And by the middle of the concert we had both of the boys on the front row, they were both excited and seemed to have a good time. It only rained for about 30 minutes and it was not the downpour like it had been earlier in the day so we were all OK. We all had a blast and can't wait to go to the next concert! And Happy Birthday JUDI!

Ms. Santaquin Pageant!

You see the title of the post?!? What is wrong with the picture of me having a child in the Ms. Santaquin Pageant?!? Your right I only have boys! Well this year Kaid was in the Ms. Santaquin pageant! So Colby and I being the good parents we are went to watch him compete for the title! We went with Vern and Sue as well they were there for moral support! Kaid did quite well in the talent part, he did not even mess up once! We were so PROUD! Next was the evening gown, he went with a knee length gown, he felt that his calf's should be shown off, rather than anything else. He sailed threw the evening gown competition rather well. Next was the question and answer- he did outstanding! Colby and I were just so proud of him. He looked so good on stage and was such a gentleman to all of the girls. They did the crowning and NO Kaid did not win! But that is alright with us because he was only there as the girls ESCORT!!!!!

Here he is after a very long night, he did a great job and we LOVE giving him a hard time about being in the pageant! It's not everyday that a mother and father of all boys can see their sons name in a pageant program and feel good about it! Can't wait until next year to see what he does!


Brock turned eight this year and so he got to be baptised the day after his birthday. He was so excited. It was kind of a sad realization for me to see that my baby is that old. He was baptized and confirmed by Colby. It was a special experience. He was the only one from our ward that was baptized so we were in charge of the entire program. Kaid gave the talk about Baptism, it was very good. You could feel the spirit there, he did a great job! He closed it with his testimony and told Brock just how proud he was of him and that he knew that he was doing what was right. We had Beaver Bill (aka Brandon) do the talk on the Holy Ghost, he also did awesome! He used a couple of cans of Root Beer to demonstrate a person with and without the Holy Ghost.
We had a lot of family and friends show up to support us it was really nice. It really made the day special for Brock to see everyone there that would travel to spend time with him.
I will get pictures up as soon as I get them scanned in. Sorry!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Brock

WOW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It does not seem like 8 years ago that you were born...Time flies. You are such a great kid, we love you so much and your such a joy to have in the family. I remember walking into the OR and Dr. Baxter asking if we were ready to meet you. You have kept us all on our toes, but we would not have it any other way! Happy Birthday Brock!

Mom, Dad, Kaid and Brett

It's that time of year!

If you need to talk to me you can just catch me at my home away from home, THE BALL PARK! I am here Monday - Friday I am typically running from game to game and sometimes I even get to watch all of one kids before the next game starts.

I love baseball and I love to watch the kids play, but it gets a little overwhelming with 3 kids playing, one husband coaching, and two of the three kids also umpiring. I really earn my taxi status this time of the year!
Brett and Brock both started the same time this year and have played quite a few games already. Brett's team is 4-2 they are a really good team Brett is back to playing (after his appendix) the first game back he was not to sure if he wanted to swing the bat, but he acts like nothing ever happened now. Last night he was the catcher and he did an outstanding job. I love to watch when he is catching to me it seems like one of the funniest positions to play. He has also started this year umpiring the coach pitch games, he seems to really like it and he takes his job seriously. I don't have pictures of him playing but Shayli got this picture of him after his night of umpiring coming over to support Kaid at his game.

Brock is in Coach Pitch--- Let me just say that this is KILLING him.... He has two other brothers and a dad that have taught him HOW to play! He eat sleeps and drinks baseball. He loves everything about it and is really good. But that is the problem, he is too good. He runs from play to play to get the outs, or whatever is needed. He is the "backup" to every player. It cracks me up. I told the coach at the last game that I have talked to Brock about staying and playing the ONE position that the coach tells him to play, but it just doesn't work, the coach just said he is a good player it's ok. So I guess that as long as the coach is ok with it Brock will still run from play to play. Last night he was talking to me and he asked if he had to play another year of coach pitch next year, I told him that I was not sure...his response was if I have to I will take the year off and come back when it is real baseball! (you gotta love this kid)

Oh I almost forgot, if he does NOT get dirty, then he DID NOT have a good game! He slides even if they are not going to get him out!

Kaid has just started this week, he has only played 2 games he started out the year pitching, Colby is the coach of this team and I am not sure who is more happy about him coaching, Colby, Kaid, or Brock. It has been fun to see Colby and Kaid interact in this way. Colby has done an outstanding job coaching, last year this team was a sad team, they never won and they would usually forfeit most games, and when they did play they were typically 10 runned so they would use the "Mercy Rule" Not this year. They played two of the toughest teams this week and did quite well, they did lose both games but they only lost by 1 or 2 in either game. So this is a great accomplishment. I get nervous when Kaid is pitching because for some reason I think the game is all on his shoulders.. But he did very well both nights.

Tonight I think I only have two games so it should be an early night! Nah, who am I kidding I will be closing down the ball park. Like I said if you need me and can't find me at home, I am at the Ball Park.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bear Hunt Part IV - IT'S OVER!!

First off, if you don't want to see photos of dead animals- JUST STOP READING and come back when there is a new post! For those of you who stayed you will enjoy! There is going to be quite a few photo's BUT I can do it, this is my journal!

So I have to start at the beginning on Friday while we were waiting for Brett to get out of surgery Colby sent Kaid and Trevor up to the bait site to change out the SD cards and to set out more bait. Kaid called and said that there were 116 photos- Colby said that he would wait until later to come home and see them, he wanted to wait until Brett was a little coherent. So about 10:00 Colby headed out and said that he would be RIGHT back, they saw this bear! He called Shad and Jared both of them came over and were shocked. They both told him that it was HUGE and that he needed to try and take this one. So Saturday he went up in the morning- NOTHING while he was in the tree stand, but the bear had come back in and was on the camera. He was bummed but Brett was now out of the hospital so he hung out with him.
On Sunday morning Colby had church meetings and so he sent Kaid out again to get the SD cards and set bait. I was a nervous wreck, Kaid was by himself so I kept trying his cell phone and once he got service he called. He proceeds to tell me that he saw the bear and that it was HUGE (he could have NOT told me 1- that he saw the bear and 2- that it was HUGE.) The bear watched him put the food at the site and watched him walk out.

So on Monday Colby and Kaid went up first thing in the morning (2am) they sat in the stands for hours- NOTHING! So they came home and Kaid went to school and Colby got the trailer and headed back up. I was at home and just had gotten Brett settled and Colby called the cell phone, it was all static and I could not get everything he was saying....I kept hearing Kaid....At....Time....Kaid...then I lost the call. He called back more of the same, he called again and was farther down the canyon and had better reception I hear......I got a bear, where is Kaid I need help getting it out.....I said you got a bear? My house erupted in screaming! (you would have thought that Brock won the world series on HIS OWN!) he was screaming and jumping up and down! Brett called Kaid and said you need to get home NOW!

Once Colby was home there were several people waiting to head back up the canyon to help him bring it out. Brett decided that he wanted to go up so I went up with them so that I could stay behind with him. The entire way up Colby kept saying I got the little one. Shad was saying either way you got a bear- don't worry. We finally made it up the canyon to the river where they had to cross at about 10:00pm- they all headed out and said they would holler once they were back so that I could turn on the truck lights for them to cross the river. Brett, Riley (his friend) and myself went to the trailer we played games for awhile and slept. We decided around 11:30 that the guys should be getting back soon so we went back to the river. We waited....waited....and I think finally fell asleep. At 1:05am I heard them, I fumbled for the lights and once I turned them on I saw the bear on the edge of the river Jared was one of the first ones to cross the river, once he got to me he said "That's going in the record book" each person that came across told me the same thing.

With the river being as fast and as deep as it was they decided that they would hook a rope up to the truck and have the truck pull the bear across the river, Colby was holding on too a set of ropes and about mid way across the river the bear flipped and Colby went in head first, I was worried that he and the bear were going to go down the river! But everything was ok.

They decided to bring it out whole so that we could get photo's of Brett with the bear, he had gone up there so many times with Colby during the hunt. It was really nice that the guys would do that for Brett, I know it meant a lot to him and myself.

Colby took the bear to the taxidermist and in about a year I will be adding a new addition to the family! He also called the University of Utah to come get the carcass, they came out last night and the weighed the fur and the carcass and it was 412 lbs. that was with out the guts. So they say that if the bear would have made it until the fall it would have easily gone to 525-550 lbs. It was a HUGE bear. They measured around the bears front forearm and it measures 22 inches. Colby is so excited and I am really glad that he could kill it with out any one getting hurt!
Sat's on this : 15 yard shot with a bow
1 dead bear
4 happy guys at our house
This is the group up at the site back row: Shad, Kaid, Scott, Brady, Ryan Front Jared, Brock (yes Colby was true to his word that he would carry him across the river once the bear was dead) Vern and Colby. We finally made it home around 3:30am. THANKS to all of you that helped! It was so appreciated. We know that you all sacrificed your time and muscles! Thanks again!