Monday, July 12, 2010

Baseball Season

This year Brock decided that he wanted to play in Salem, so we signed him up. He was on the Yankee's this year. He had a ton of fun. He was always the last batter in the line up which was a bit frustrating for him but he always did his best and would try to motivate his team. I would always forget my camera so I snapped a few pictures with my phone as he was in line to bat, we have the warm up and the swing. This year Brett decided that he did not want to play so we thought we would only have Brock playing because Kaid was going to be working at the scout camp at Scofield for the summer. Little did we know that he would not take that job and be playing baseball. McKaid played in Payson for the Red's again. He had a great year and got to pitch quite a few games, he did really well. It was bitter sweet to watch him play knowing that this would be his last year to play city league. His team starts tournaments this week and it will be fun to see what they can do.
Even with just having the two of them playing ball we still seemed to be at the ball park every night of the week and would typically close it down. (Which is fine by me :))

McKaid's Graduation

I think this was one of the best and saddest days I have had. I was so excited and proud of McKaid for graduating, yet I was not ready for him to be so grown up. I know that this is just all part of the circle of life, but can't it slow down a little! It was not that long ago that I was the one graduating High School. This is McKaid and one of his friends Taylor.
Right after they called his name, he was accepting his diploma holder :)
This was when it had just started (all of my pictures loaded backwards) they where all walking in the processional. The ceremony was held right at the High School out on the football field. It was really neat. Once they started walking out of the High School towards the field I started crying-- Colby looked at me and asked "Are you SERIOUS?" I know I should not cry at graduation BUT I am the mom so I am allowed.
This photo was taken while they where in the school waiting in line for the thing to start.
This is one of the announcements that we sent out for him. He did not want the traditional ones that you can order from the school, which was fine with me. I think they turned out really good.
McKaid we are all so proud of you and know that you will do great things in this life! Be true to who you are and remember your last name!!!

Dad, Mom, Brett, & Brock

Special Day.

Like I said I am going to be doing a little bit of catch up in the next few posts! Back in April sometime I was talking to my dad, he said that his sister Marilyn was taking the Temple Prep classes and she would be going to the Temple soon. I could not believe that she would be doing that, I did not think in my life time that she would go to the Temple. Not that she did not want too, rather with her health issues I just did not think that I would see her there.
Well on May 18, 2010 Marilyn Mae Larsen went to the Provo Temple, she asked myself and my cousin to be her escorts. What a neat experience to be able to share such a special day. Marilyn was so worried about things and it seemed that everything just "fell" into place for her to be able to enjoy the time. It was a very neat experience, it was neat to see all of my dad's family come to share in such a special occasion. We don't get to see them much, we all went out to lunch after and got to spend sometime together.
This is a photo taken just after Marilyn got out of the Temple with all of her siblings. L to R: David (dad) Birch, Vic, Marilyn, and Kay. It was so neat to be there and feel the spirit that was in the room. I know that the rest of Marilyn's family was there to share her special day.