Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catch up post to end all Catch up posts!

Wow, I can't believe just how fast time has slipped away from me I wish that I had kept up on all the fun times we have had this past year. It would take way to much to go back and break things down the way I would like to so I will just do the highlights (at least the ones that I can remember.)
In April I decided to take a huge leap of faith and decided to open my own Insurance Office in Salem. I have worked in the industry for years and have always loved the people. So I decided to open a Farmers Insurance office. It has been very stressful and fun. I enjoy going to work every day and love being my own boss. We tease Colby and tell him he is the paying CFO, one day he might be the real CFO and get paid for all he does.
We had the chance to test out just how well Farmers does on claims this summer, Unfortunately we had a few claims...actually 3 in 2 months and this past month Colby got in another one (none of the accidents he had where his fault.) Luckily everyone walked away from all of them without any injuries. 2 cars totalled but no one was hurt. And I haven't been cancelled, another blessing.
Brock was asked to play on an accelerated fall baseball team, he loved it and did very well. He went right from baseball into wrestling and is loving wrestling again this year. He has won all of his matches but 1. He is in 4th grade and doing well. We moved him over to Salem Elementary this year so that he could come to the office after school he is really liking it and making new friends.
Brett is in High School this year and last month got his official drivers license! YES!!!! It is sure nice to have him be able to drive where I need him to go. He is usually pretty good about running my errands. He is also wrestling again this year. He is at the 132 weight class, he wanted to go down to the 126 lbs. weight class but his body fat was only 2% so they said that he can't lose ANY weight. He started the season with a 7-2 record and all of the 7 wins where pins. He is such a smart kid we love having him in the family.
It has been a great year and we have enjoyed so many memories. I will be better at keeping up with them and recording them so I can go back and remember the fun times.