Thursday, December 18, 2008


Three years ago I was riding in an ambulance wondering what was going on, how things would be, and praying that Brett would make it. It seems like it was yesterday when I got the call from Brett, I was at work and he was home sick. He called and told me there was an explosion and he was on fire....I remember rushing home and seeing Brett outside looking so hurt, he had no hair and was covered in ash, and already was blistering. He got in the car and we headed to the hospital, we were later transferred to the Burn Unit at the U of U, where we stayed for the next 4 days.

It was there where we learned what had actually happened to Brett, we had a small propane bottle in the basement, which was defective. It had filled the room with propane and when Brett went to put a piece of wood on the fireplace, it exploded. Which caused him to burn 45% of his body with 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

We learned how to dress and care for his burns, we learned new exercises to help his skin so it would not lose it's elasticity. We learned so many things while we were there. But some of the most important things we learned where not taught to us by doctors, nurses, or social workers. They were taught to us by the tender mercy's of a loving Heavenly Father, he once again taught us the power of the Priesthood, Prayer, and families. He showed me that I am never alone, I can remember running down the hall and finding a bathroom and crying and shouting... Why me, why Brett? And then getting on my knees and asking for help, the calm that washed over me was unreal, but I knew that HE was walking hand in hand with me on my journey and was not going to let me go it alone, nor would he allow Brett to go it alone. Heavenly Father sent alot of angles to our family in our time of need, there were friends who took in our other two boys, and never even questioned when we would get them..(This was just a few days before Christmas)There were friends who came and cleaned my house so that I would not have to come home and deal with the smells...People who cooked for us and came by or called to see how things were going and people who just prayed..We know that prayers were answered, because we have Brett with us and he is whole.

There was a lot of recovery, bandage changes, and trips back to the burn unit. But all of us have learn so much. We have watched Brett turn his accident into strengths, I have watched him grow closer to the Lord, and know that he has a purpose here on earth. He has learned lessons that most people never learn. He is much wiser and more caring. We have watched Brett reach out to those who are different and try to build them up. We have seen Brett turn the other cheek to those who made fun of him, he rose above the teasing and still befriended them. Brett is an example to all of us. He has made such progress, it is so nice to have the long road behind us; but we would not trade the trip because of what we have gained.
This is a photo of Brett once he was able to come home, it was taken about 10 days after the accident once most of the swelling had gone down and he was looking more like himself, the white bandages were what we would change twice a day, he was wrapped like a mummy, and Colby and I got to play "cut and paste".

Brett was able to attend Burn camp the past two years up at Camp Tracy, he has been able to be with other burn survivors and learn and experience things with them. He looks forward to this every year. It is very neat to see him shine and be with others who have experienced some of the same experiences. It is nice to see him forget about things and just be a boy...He seems to come back each time with a new attitude, it is neat. It is neat to see they confidence that he returns with.
This is a photo of Brett and Brennon, one of the Junior counselors at Burn camp, this summer. The counselors have either been burn survivors or they work in the burn unit, Brennon is a burn survivor. Brett you continue to amaze me each day in your ability to show compassion to those around you...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok, I know that I am really bad at updating this as things happen. But one of my callings in the ward is Activities person. So with that said in our ward we typically do an activity each month. And since I am over the activities I am usually in the back working on something and not there with my camera, so I have to rely on people to help me remember the moments and take pictures for me.....So my sweet friend just emailed me some photos so I thought I would share them. The first ones are of the annual "Turkey Shoot" this is always done the day after Thanksgiving and we usually have a great turn out...this year we had over 100 people.
This is what Colby and I did the entire time... He would "throw" and I was the score keeper. This is Brock he was shooting a 410..He got 3rd in his age division he got 9 out of 25.

This is Brett, Kaid & Colten. Brett took 1st in his age division he got 20/25.. Kaid was told that next year he would have to move into a different bracket "the 25" he got 24/25. He also took 1st. This last photo is Brock getting his prize from the Bishop and Alan Davis.
It is a lot of fun, this year we even had Kathy and Roger stay over and come out...Hopefully they will continue the tradition, I know that the grand kids sure liked having them there. Roger shot well but I can't remember what he got.

So with the Turkey Shoot over the next week was the annual ward Christmas Dinner....This is a major undertaking....And I would not have been able to do it with out the help of a few great ladies who jumped in at the last second...To help save the day.....Thanks!!!! Bobbi, Janet, Kimberly, and Norma. And to everyone else who helped that I did not see.... We ended up feeding about 250 people..We ate and then the YW did a program and then of course we had a special visitor from the North Pole....

I do have photos on someones camera of all of my boys on Santa's lap, but right now I am not really sure who's camera...So if you have them on yours please shoot me an email....Thanks!
I missed when Brock was having his conversation with Santa.. But I asked what Brock said when Santa asked him what he wanted...I was a BIT shocked. Brock wants a CELL PHONE! I asked what Santa said, and he said that Santa thought that he could do that! I am going to have to TALK to Santa about that.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Class Assignment

A few weeks ago in one of my classes we were given an assignment to take our families names and for each letter say one thing about them...I decided that since this is like my journal I would transfer the assignment to this so I can remember what I thought....

C- Compassionate

O- Optimistic

L- Loyal

B- Brave

Y- BYU Fan (Y is hard)

M-Magnetic (he is quite the charmer :)

c- Cute

K- Kind

A- Adventurous

I- Intelligent

D- Daring

B- Brave

R- Responsible

E- Excels

T- Tenderhearted

T- Treasure

B- Bold

R- Respectful

O- Outgoing

C- Creative

K- Kind

I have been blessed to have such a good family. I love all of my boys! I hope they know that, and how proud of them I am....

Brett has a concert tonight I will get photos of this one.....


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I FINALLY figured it out!

So this age thing is really working against me. I am really starting to notice my body is just not the same as when I was younger. I have noticed lines, aches, pains, and the big one that I am fat. So with that said my good friend and I started walking in the mornings to work off some of the fat. We get up and walk a little over 1 1/2 miles each day (expect Thursday's) and at first I was quite excited because I saw the scales going down....But now I am just staying right there not gaining but not loosing...I have felt kind of bad, her kids even tease use about still being committed to the exercise thing, they tell me that she is not one to stick to a routine. We have been doing this for six weeks now, and I just got an email that explains my ENTIRE problem.....And my walking partner can attest to just how much metal is in my mouth (she works at our dentists office :) )

So I wonder if we are done walking?!?!?!?


Monday, December 1, 2008


OK, so I am one of those people who hate looking at people's blogs to find that they have not posted in weeks...Well I am one of those people who has been slacking.. Sorry, I will try harder to post. I had every intention of posting before Thanksgiving about what I was thankful for, but that did not happen so I feel like I need to do it now.
I am so very grateful to have a wonderful family, they are so supportive and loving. I have great examples and tons of people that love me and my family. I am grateful to have a job, a house, a warm bed to climb into at the end of a long day, 3 wonderful boys that keep me guessing and on my toes, for a great husband who loves me, to have a religion that I love and can live, to live in a great neighborhood, to have a great walking partner (even if she does beat me), wonderful parents ( I am so lucky to have 2 sets) My mom and dad who raised me, they have given me so many gifts and reasons to be grateful. They are truly amazing, the most wonderful gift they could have given me was the ability to love, and to care. Thank you. Thank you for being my parents I am so lucky to call you mom and dad. My next parents, my birth mother and dad (Kathy and Rog) I am so thankful that Kathy would choose to have me. And too now allow me and the rowdy bunch into her life, we sure turned it upside down...I hope she knows how much we love the two of them. And enjoy being able to love them and have them apart of our lives.

I had great intentions of getting a photo on Thanksgiving, we had it here at the house and I wanted to put a photo of my mom's but did I think to get the camera out?!? That would be NO.. So I am going to post a photo from 2 weeks ago when we were at Great Grandpa Ivan's 80th birthday..
What a fun Thanksgiving we had, it was nice to be able to have family around and to enjoy the day and the company. Thanks for everyone for making it a great day. I am truly blessed.