Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Brett!!!

Happy Birthday Brett!

Wow, does time fly by or what?!? I remember 13 years ago heading to the hospital to have you, it was a blizzard and we were hoping and praying that we would make it to the hospital. We finally got to the hospital (everyone was waiting for us) and seven short (or LONG) hours later you were born. I will never forget when they put you in my arms the love that I had for you was overwhelming. You had such a strong spirit, you were so alert you were looking at everything. You had your cute butterfly birthmark on your chest (I sure miss that) but that way I knew I would get you back. You were the only baby in the hospital while we were there so you were so spoiled. I would have to fight the nurses to be able to have you with me. I would hold you at night and think how lucky we were to have you in our family. When Kaid came to the hospital I could hear him as he was walking out of the elevator saying where is my brother? He quickly came into the room and ran over to the bed and unwrapped you, he wanted to make sure that you were alright. He counted all your toes and fingers, he told everyone that you were "his" We all could not wait to have you come into our family!This is a photo of you and dad, you were about 4 months old. this was a day that Kaid and dad went out fishing on the River- you loved when they would bring the fish home and put them on the picnic table, you would squeal and squeal.

This was your third birthday photo- I know you don't remember Montana, but you would always tell us that you were the best thing to ever come out of Montana. And you know what I would have to agree!!!!!
Brett you have been such a joy to have in the family, I love being your mom. I have enjoyed watching you grow up to be the young man that you are. You have a special things that you need to accomplish here on earth. And we know that you will do them. I know that you have had to endure many trials in your life, but they have helped shape you into who you are becoming. We have watched you turn your struggles into strengths and have seen how you are able to help those around you who are hurting.
We want you to know that we all love you and want you to have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Mom,Dad, Kaid & Brock

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Charlyn said...

Oh I'm so glad you found me. See that's what I don't like about going private. I always think about you and wonder how your doing. You have a beautiul family. It's hard to believe you have a 16 year old. I'll be sure to be able to check up on your life now. On my list of blogs there is one for the class of 1992. If you want yours added for colby you just leave a comment. It's kinda fun!