Monday, July 12, 2010

McKaid's Graduation

I think this was one of the best and saddest days I have had. I was so excited and proud of McKaid for graduating, yet I was not ready for him to be so grown up. I know that this is just all part of the circle of life, but can't it slow down a little! It was not that long ago that I was the one graduating High School. This is McKaid and one of his friends Taylor.
Right after they called his name, he was accepting his diploma holder :)
This was when it had just started (all of my pictures loaded backwards) they where all walking in the processional. The ceremony was held right at the High School out on the football field. It was really neat. Once they started walking out of the High School towards the field I started crying-- Colby looked at me and asked "Are you SERIOUS?" I know I should not cry at graduation BUT I am the mom so I am allowed.
This photo was taken while they where in the school waiting in line for the thing to start.
This is one of the announcements that we sent out for him. He did not want the traditional ones that you can order from the school, which was fine with me. I think they turned out really good.
McKaid we are all so proud of you and know that you will do great things in this life! Be true to who you are and remember your last name!!!

Dad, Mom, Brett, & Brock

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