Monday, December 1, 2008


OK, so I am one of those people who hate looking at people's blogs to find that they have not posted in weeks...Well I am one of those people who has been slacking.. Sorry, I will try harder to post. I had every intention of posting before Thanksgiving about what I was thankful for, but that did not happen so I feel like I need to do it now.
I am so very grateful to have a wonderful family, they are so supportive and loving. I have great examples and tons of people that love me and my family. I am grateful to have a job, a house, a warm bed to climb into at the end of a long day, 3 wonderful boys that keep me guessing and on my toes, for a great husband who loves me, to have a religion that I love and can live, to live in a great neighborhood, to have a great walking partner (even if she does beat me), wonderful parents ( I am so lucky to have 2 sets) My mom and dad who raised me, they have given me so many gifts and reasons to be grateful. They are truly amazing, the most wonderful gift they could have given me was the ability to love, and to care. Thank you. Thank you for being my parents I am so lucky to call you mom and dad. My next parents, my birth mother and dad (Kathy and Rog) I am so thankful that Kathy would choose to have me. And too now allow me and the rowdy bunch into her life, we sure turned it upside down...I hope she knows how much we love the two of them. And enjoy being able to love them and have them apart of our lives.

I had great intentions of getting a photo on Thanksgiving, we had it here at the house and I wanted to put a photo of my mom's but did I think to get the camera out?!? That would be NO.. So I am going to post a photo from 2 weeks ago when we were at Great Grandpa Ivan's 80th birthday..
What a fun Thanksgiving we had, it was nice to be able to have family around and to enjoy the day and the company. Thanks for everyone for making it a great day. I am truly blessed.

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Candi and kids said...

Erika, I have checked your blog over and over again and no post so I added you to my updates on Blogger, so I can just check out your new posts! I am glad all is well for you and your FAMILY!!