Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok, I know that I am really bad at updating this as things happen. But one of my callings in the ward is Activities person. So with that said in our ward we typically do an activity each month. And since I am over the activities I am usually in the back working on something and not there with my camera, so I have to rely on people to help me remember the moments and take pictures for me.....So my sweet friend just emailed me some photos so I thought I would share them. The first ones are of the annual "Turkey Shoot" this is always done the day after Thanksgiving and we usually have a great turn out...this year we had over 100 people.
This is what Colby and I did the entire time... He would "throw" and I was the score keeper. This is Brock he was shooting a 410..He got 3rd in his age division he got 9 out of 25.

This is Brett, Kaid & Colten. Brett took 1st in his age division he got 20/25.. Kaid was told that next year he would have to move into a different bracket "the 25" he got 24/25. He also took 1st. This last photo is Brock getting his prize from the Bishop and Alan Davis.
It is a lot of fun, this year we even had Kathy and Roger stay over and come out...Hopefully they will continue the tradition, I know that the grand kids sure liked having them there. Roger shot well but I can't remember what he got.

So with the Turkey Shoot over the next week was the annual ward Christmas Dinner....This is a major undertaking....And I would not have been able to do it with out the help of a few great ladies who jumped in at the last second...To help save the day.....Thanks!!!! Bobbi, Janet, Kimberly, and Norma. And to everyone else who helped that I did not see.... We ended up feeding about 250 people..We ate and then the YW did a program and then of course we had a special visitor from the North Pole....

I do have photos on someones camera of all of my boys on Santa's lap, but right now I am not really sure who's camera...So if you have them on yours please shoot me an email....Thanks!
I missed when Brock was having his conversation with Santa.. But I asked what Brock said when Santa asked him what he wanted...I was a BIT shocked. Brock wants a CELL PHONE! I asked what Santa said, and he said that Santa thought that he could do that! I am going to have to TALK to Santa about that.

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Barnum Family said...

That is some sweet friend you have. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Where were you at tonight's fireside?