Monday, March 16, 2009

The Results are IN!

That is the BEAR results are in, and yes Colby drew a tag! He is so EXCITED. He can't wait for the hunt to start. When he thinks of bear hunting he gets all excited and just has a smile from ear to ear. When he envisions the hunt he sees a bear like the one above, just a bear. Oh I might of forgot to mention it is an archery tag. So they tell me that you will typically shot your bear 15 -20 yards away!!!! WHO in their right mind would want to be that close to a bear?!?!? Not only that close but you can bait the bears, so seriously who would not only want to be that close to a bear, but a HUNGRY bear!?! I assure you I will not be going on this hunt!

This is not even as scary of a bear as what I envision it being that close. (But on line it says that this is an aggressive bear) This hunt TERRIFIES me. And the best part is Colby put me in for the hunt. LUCKILY my results said UNSUCCESSFUL. (I think that they got it wrong.)


Melody said...

Ha ha, When the title of this post popped up on my blog, I thought it would be about your new calling! Congrats to Colby on the bear & YOU on the calling. You will do GREAT!! Kaitlyn said you will be awesome because you are so fun.

Barnum Family said...

Is he taking the boys? Oh how the thought of bears scares me. My heart was racing as I was reading your post entry out of my fear for bears. BEARS and SNAKES ugh..