Monday, March 30, 2009


Well it is getting that time of the year! Kaid is a Junior so he decided that he would go to Prom. He asked Natalie. He did not get a photo of how he asked her (mainly because he is a boy and doesn't care about it) But he got a stuffed dog and a bunch of candy and wrote a note and tied it to the collar of the dog that said "I'd Roll over and beg for you to go to prom with me". It was really cute.
Well last week Nat answered him back....This time I got photos.

I loved this- In case you can't read it, it says "Kaid no need to roll over or beg me to go, I'm all out of breath, my answer is .....(Pop the balloons to find my answer)
This is the balloons that where on the floor of his bedroom.

He had tons of balloons in his room, some of them even had glitter in them so when he popped them it went all over! But her answer was YES! So now we have to get a tuxedo and all of that fun stuff. Yeah! Nat got her dress this weekend so we now know what colors we are needing to match. I will post more after prom.


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Barnum Family said...

In the old days, guys just asked or they would send a friend to ask. How boring is that? It would have been fun to do something crazy and creative like this.