Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grandpa Park

This past week Colby's Grandpa Park passed away. He was such a great man, he taught us all so much. I have many memories of Grandpa, he reminded me so much of my Grandpa Larsen. Grandpa Park was a very smart and hardworking man. He was always on the go, or working on something in his shop. He was a great example and will be truly missed.This was his casket, perfect black, strong, simple just like Grandpa Park. Adrienne and Alesha did all of the flowers, they did an amazing job. The pallbearers where the grandsons, Colby, Tyler (Colby's youngest brother) Nic, Eric (Colby's brother)

Here is a better picture of all of them: Andrew, James, Jeff, Aaron, Colby, Chris, Eric, Nic, and Tyler

This is Suzanne (Colby's mom) Granny, and Terri Ann.

Grandpa Park had a thing about socks and his feet :) he totally took care of them and ALWAYS wore white socks, it did not matter if it was a black tie event or going to the store. Grandpa had on white socks! So in tribute to him they had all of the grandsons, and great grandsons wear white socks rather than "church" socks. So once they set down his casket granny had them all lift up their pants to show their socks.

It was a very special day and tribute to a great man. I hope he knows how much we all loved him and how great it was to have him in our lives. We miss you.

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