Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The past few months have been quite the blur to me, it seems like one thing after another has happened and at times it felt that I would not be able to catch my breath. We got the phone call that one of our nephews had attempted suicide and that he was not going to make it. The family had decided that they were going to donate his organs, so we told the boys about it and started to prepare them for what would happen and told them that we needed to pray for the family. Brock took it right to heart and quickly said a prayer, he went to school and asked me to call him if his cousin passed away while he was at school I told him that I would. He called me as soon as he got home from school and asked if he had passed away, I told him that he was still hanging in there and Brock's reply was "I knew he would not die, I prayed that he would live" when I got home I was talking to Brock about what he "needed" to be praying for, and that he should be praying for the family and that he would be able to pass peacefully. Brock's reply was I prayed that he would live and I know that he will live, and that is what I am going to pray for. I talked to Colby about how we could help Brock to understand the process of what was happening, because I did not want him to be mad when his cousin passed away. I did not want Brock to question weather or not Heavenly Father answers prayers. Colby just said he needs to keep doing what he is doing and praying the prayer that he wants and we will help him understand when that time comes. Brock continued to say his prayers, we went to the hospital to say our goodbye's and knew that the next day they would be doing the organ donation. That was about 7 weeks ago, right before they were going to get him ready for the organ donation he opened his eyes.....He is alive and does have a long recovery ahead of him, but he is alive and able to talk and we hope will be able to have a full recovery.
Here I was so worried that Brock was praying the wrong prayer, he showed me the faith of a child is so strong and real. Brock had the right prayer all along and I needed to just have the faith and know that Heavenly Father would allow my son to see such a MIRACLE.
Our next miracle involves my mom, she had found a lump in her breast and went to the doctor. She had the biopsy and was told that she had stage 2 breast cancer. This would be her 3rd cancer. She was devastated and was told to come into the doctors office that following Monday to schedule surgery and talk all of the options and chemo schedule. We had a fast for her that weekend, she was going into the doctors on Monday. Right before she went in she said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to please allow all of the people that she and my dad had helped with indexing (on the other side) to add her to their prayers. She went to the doctors and they scheduled her for surgery that Friday, she asked the doctor a question about the stage and he said just a second I don't have that right here he left and after about 25 minutes he came back. He said I don't know who you have been talking too (he pointed towards heaven) BUT you don't have cancer.
We took her for a second opinion and they all conquer, she DOES NOT have cancer. What a blessing, and a true testament to those who live worthily and do what the Lord asks them to do. And that there are miracles that happen each and every day. We just have to have FAITH, and in my case I need to be more like my kids, and be able to not question what HIS will is.

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Wow! That brought tears to my eyes. Amazing....