Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another School Year 2010 Edition

Wow, summer has come and gone. What a sad day, this year was really different with McKaid not being in school it just made things weird. We went school shopping and got the kids what they needed, I thought with not having to buy clothes for McKaid it would be cheaper--- I thought WRONG! But oh well, I could not get pictures of the boys together because Brett has to catch the bus before Brock even gets up. I really don't understand why Brett's bus takes all of the Jr. High kids all the way over to Salem and then brings them back to Payson to the Jr. High-- doesn't make sense too me but I am not the district. Brock was so excited to start school he woke up around 2:30am and came in my room and said that he could not sleep any longer and could he get ready. I told him that he could go in the front room and watch TV while I slept but that he needed to go back to sleep because it would make for a LONG day if he didn't. With all reports in Brock enjoyed his first day of school and is ready to go back tomorrow-- thank heavens! I was not wanting another year like last year.
Here is Brett right before he left for the bus--- he has to be at his bus stop by 7:00am. I have offered to drive him to school so that he can sleep longer or not sit on the bus all morning- BUT he said he would rather ride the bus! Go figure, I guess I am not "cool" enough. I guess this way he gets lots more time to socialize.
Hope both of them have a great year and enjoy their school experience.

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