Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty!

I love living where we live, don't get me wrong! But lately we have had way too many cats, kittens, and more cats in the neighborhood. And for some unknown reason they all love to come into our yard. Normal that would be fine as long as they where just passing through. But these cats have decided not to pass through but to take up residency in our yard. Not only that, but a couple of them have had babies in our wood shed. Not only am I allergic to them, but they drive my dogs crazy! It seems that they (the cats) would only come out just as I was falling asleep and my dogs would then go CRAZY!!!!!! Not only causing me to get up and out of bed to go quite them, but I am sure it woke up the entire neighborhood! So after talking to some of the neighbors who were also frustrated with the ever exploding population of cats, Colby decided it was time to trap them and give them a new home. So he and Brock set a few traps and wouldn't you guess every morning we would find this Brock was so excited thinking that we where going to keep the kitten and have a new pet! I was so sad to have to tell him that there was NO way that we would be keeping the kitten. He named them all and found good homes for each one of them, this was one of the last kittens that he caught. I have never been more happy to have them gone. But we are hoping that soon Brock will forgive us and start talking to us again. :)
P.S. If you need traps let us know, I would be more than happy to help someone else out!

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