Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brett's First Goose

This Christmas break the kids have been either out shoveling snow or snowmobiling or hunting. Brett has been dying to hunt ducks because with wrestling he doesn't get the chance to hunt while they are in school. (He goes right from the Jr. High to the High School for wrestling practice or matches) so he asked if he could go out yesterday morning we told him that was fine but he needed to be careful. I got a phone call while I was a work letting me know that he had gotten a goose! He was so excited, I told him to send me a picture and the above picture is what I got :) I told him first of all it is really neat that you got a goose, BUT your outfit cracks me up! He told me I don't have any style and that he looks just fine. When I got home he had plucked the goose and had all of the feathers in a bag so that he can make a pillow out of them. I am sure glad to help him with that. Now I am hoping that I will be able to get him to clean his room. :)

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