Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter Fun

OK so I have been a little busy....I feel like I have totally fallen of the face of the earth. I have had tons of things that I wanted to put on the blog so that I would be able to have it when I print it out. I am surrendering to the fact that I SUCK at staying on top everything! It's OK, I am learning that I am not perfect at everything (for that matter even CLOSE) and that I can ask for help! :)
The Monday before Christmas Colby had to have surgery on his ankle to remove all of his hardware. He assured me that he would be fine and that it was in and out. Wouldn't you know I am smarter than I look and I was right, it was more than he thought and he was down for the count for several days! Also mother nature decided to bless us with a gift and dump 18-20 inches of snow that night! So Colby was NO help in keeping up with the walks and driveway! Once we dug ourselves and some of the neighbors out we decided that me and the boys would take advantage of the snow and go for a ride. We hooked on to the snowmobiles and off we went, it was so pretty up the canyon! I love to go out and play. I had never been out on my own with out Colby so I told the kids that they could not be all day and that they had to be safe. I didn't want to have to try to get them unstuck.
This is Brett, Kaid, Brock and me. I told them that I wanted a picture and they all laughed at me saying they didn't want to stop for pictures. So I had to beg and when it wasn't perfect they told me that it was tough and that it was it.

Brett has gotten to be quite the dare devil and he goes FAST! He loves to side hill, he told me that he will teach me how but I am not so sure that I am that daring!
Brock was the one who would pose for a picture for me. He is such a good kid. He wanted me to take him off of some jumps and I told him that there was no way - we didn't need to end the year like we started it.

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