Monday, September 29, 2008

An Average Weekend

This weekend was full of fun and memories. It started out on Friday with Kaid, Kayden, and Brett heading out to Ephriam to kill varmints. This was wildly successful they all had fun and we did not see them until late Friday night. On Saturday Colby and Brett went out hunting to try to get Brett's first deer... No luck.

But Kaid and Kayden went back to Ephriam to hunt waterfowl, boy oh boy they hit the jackpot!

This is Kaid & Kayden's Geese. This was Kayden's first duck hunt and first goose.
This is Kaid's goose or as Kayden says "it's not a bird, it's a baby plane!" This goose had a 5' 10" wing span. So needless to say this is another one that is going to be gracing the walls of my house! Lucky me.

Then it was Brett's turn to try and get his deer, Kaid took him out and with in a half an hour they were texting me pictures of the deer he got. This was the muzzle-loader hunt (black powder) and Brett's first big game tag.

This is a great first buck, it is a 2 X 3. This was about 110 yard shot, with open sights. He must take after his mother!

So all in all it was an eventful weekend, the freezer will be full, as well as my walls.



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David and Denise Larsen said...

Wow. Look at those animals. Congrats to you both as well as to your bud Kayden.

Grandma and Grandpa Larsen