Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hee Haw Farms

Last night I took the boys and Kaid's friend, Shayli to Hee Haw Farms.

This is over in American Fork, we have gone each year for the past four years. The kids all seem to like it. I enjoy it until I remember while I am there that I am allergic to it all. This year was colder than years before so it made it easier on my asthma while I ran around the corn maze trying to keep up with the boys.

We started out going on a hayride, the photo is a bit blurry but we were moving and the boys were watching to see when the candy was going to be thrown at them.

We then went into the corn maze, Brock has more energy then I think should be allowed. He was on a dead run throughout the entire thing. We usually go earlier in the day but this year with Kaid's job we waited until he got off, so it was dark when we went into the maze, this makes it hard to chase a kid who moves like Brock. Kaid and Shayli were in the lead and Brett and I brought up the rear. Brett is good to his old mother.
After that we went over to pick out pumpkins, go on the slides, and walk through the haunted barn. Brock said that it was not scary at all. The petting zoo had closed by this time, however all of the animals were still there and you could look at them. They have a pig that is the size of a small cow. It was HUGE.. Brock and Brett found a small John Deere tractor and both started riding it around....

It was really quite funny to see Brett on this tractor he was having a hard time getting it to go anywhere. I went over with Brock to see an animal and all of the sudden you hear this loud, and I mean loud crash, every one turns around to see what it was and there is Brett laying on the ground with the tractor up in the air, he had hit a fence and fallen over. I was laughing so hard that I really could not help him until I stopped. I know that we should not laugh, but I assure you that we were laughing with him, not at him. I think everyone enjoyed it and had a good time.

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