Monday, May 18, 2009

2 for 1?! NOT!

Well for Mother's Day we were home just enjoying a nice peaceful day. We were sitting down eating my favorite meal STEAK and Kaid got up an went into the bathroom, I thought that he had gotten a piece of fat and was spitting it out. I heard him coughing and went into the bathroom and he was purple, I asked if he was ok, he nodded "NO" so I started hitting him on the back and yelled at Colby, he came running in and took one look at him and said call 911! Colby did the Heimlich on Kaid several times and nothing was working on getting this meat unstuck! So I was giving all of the information to the 911 operator, and Kaid said that he was fine and that no one needed to come out, so we told that to the 911 operator. About 30 minutes later Kaid was still chocking so Colby told him that we needed to take him to the hospital, so he and I went off to the ER, once we got there they hooked him up to all sorts of machines and started to monitor him. They told us that they were going to give him some medicine to make him throw up and it should fix the problem. So we waited and waited. Enough time had passed that they said they where going to send him into surgery to remove the piece of meat.....I was totally shocked and looking around like he is 16 not 2 how does he choke??? So they where prepping him for surgery, he sat straight up in bed and starting throwing up again, and the stupid piece of meat finally came out! YEA! Surgery avoided! So they told us all of the generals we all know about cutting and chewing our food better and they told Kaid that he needed to eat liquids only for the next few days because his throat would be very tender.

So for mothers day I got a trip to the ER! I bet you can't beat that?!?!

So Wednesday at Brett's baseball game Janet was laughing at Kaid's little trip to the ER and told us that we had better get EXTRA insurance on that kid, because he is always getting hurt. We all laughed and did not think much more about it.
Thursday night Brett was at a school play and sent me a text saying that he was sick to his stomach and that his ribs hurt. I asked if I needed to come and get him he said NO he needed to stay to get credit. Once it was over I got him and he said that he thought that he just drank too much water. So he went to bed and Friday morning he was not feeling better so Colby said that we should get him a doctors apt (Colby HATES doctors apts. he would rather them be really sick to see the dr) But Colby was worried about the Swine flu so we made the apt. I called Brett and told him it was at 12:30, he called be about an hour later and said that it hurts to breathe, I said ok , I will see if I can get you in earlier. he calls back about an hour later and says that he can't move! Great- I am thinking he Must have the swine flu! So I called the doctor and said that I was bringing him in right then. So I ran home and got Brett, he could not even walk! It took me about 15 minutes to get him in the car. We got to the doctors office and the waiting room was FULL I told the front desk that he could not wait in the waiting room and that he needed to been seen right then! I was getting all sorts of nasty looks by the mothers in the waiting room. We went into the room and the doctor came in immediately and was talking to us and did a little bit of poking on Brett and said "Well, call your husband Brett is going to have surgery" WHAT!?!? Yep, you guessed it Brett had an appendicitis.....He needed immediate surgery. They sent us right over to the hospital to be admitted and with in a few hours Brett was in surgery to have his appendix removed. He appendix had started to leak, and was right on the verge of rupture. So he had to spend the night in the hospital and got to come home on Saturday. I asked when I was admitting Brett if they offered any type of 2 for 1's they told me that they didn't.

So for my birthday I got a hospital stay!

I told Colby that for our anniversary we were not going to do gifts!


Fiddlefish said...

HOLY COW girl!!!! Yeah -- I'd be done with presents, too. Glad the boys are okay. Man.....

The Barnum Family said...

You better watch Brock like a hawk.

Melody said...

At least it wasn't the swine flu!!! I'm glad your boys are ok! Let us know if you need anything! Is Brett still recovering, or is he up & moving around? If he is still home, Jonathan would like to visit him. If something comes up that you have questions on, call us, we have a ton of nursing books around here!

Mama & Papa Griz said...

Yes Brett is at home. He can't go back to school because they don't want him to get bumped or pushed walking down the halls. We went in and talked to the teachers and they said they will just use the grade he has now for his grade. So there is really no sense in sending him back to school.

Charlyn said...

Oh my goodness...I would opt out for presents too. I remember my mom spending the night with me in the emergency room on mothers day. Hope everyone is on the mend now!!