Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wow, you know summer is close once baseball starts up. Just like the last 3 years I have all three boys playing ball. Brett's team is the only one that I have playing actual games right now. He has played the first two of the season and his team has won both of them! I LOVE baseball, but I really like the warm weather that usually comes with baseball. Both of the games have been FREEZING! Last night around 9:30 I finally sent Kaid to get me some hot chocolate. Brock had taken Jared to watch the game and he had to go, so Brock told me that he wanted to take some pictures with my phone. So here is what I have. Brock really zoomed in.
It to me is always hard when Brett plays his friends. And both games they played the same team and he had friends on them, last night Corbin was pitching and was doing quite well and Brett got up to bat, and Corbin hit him right in the leg, (Brock caught Brett trying to jump out of the way) but this morning there was a huge bruise! I am going to have to tease Corbin about beating up his friends!

It was nice last night to have my dad come and watch Brett, I know that he enjoyed having him cheer him on. We also got to spend some time talking with Lexi, she is growing up into such a cute girl! Bryce is really going to have his hand full!


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