Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baseball- It's NOT just a game?!?!

Ok, so I know that Colby will be mad about this one, but it's my blog and I can say what I want on this. So everyone knows how much I love baseball, I love going to all the games and cheering on the boys. We are at the ballpark typically five nights a week. Well last week in the many rain storms that we had, Kaid's team was playing in another town- and the ump SUCKED he did not know the rules and this was getting beyond frustrating, not only for the coach and players but for us fans! We had this same ump do a game the week before and he sucked then as well. Colby questioned him on a call and he said that it was the rule and deal with it. Colby told him that in fact he was wrong and that he needed to check the rule, well the ump did not and continued on with the game.(Which after the game he called Colby and told him that Colby was indeed RIGHT- and he was WRONG) We were up to bat and all of the sudden the ump got on the phone and called up to the score tower and said we missed a point the game is over!?!?! (the rain had started to REALLY come down at this point) Colby once again questioned the ump and all of the sudden the ump LOST it, I mean LOST it. He started swearing and hollering at Colby (yes, in front of both teams, and the parents) So I got up from the bleachers and went over to ask him nicely to not swear. I was waiting patiently by the dug out for his temper tantrum to be over, he turned around and took two steps and I said "Sir" and he shoved me into the fence and said a few choice words and walked off, I was in total shock that a GROWN man would put his hands on me so I just kind of stood there trying to take in what had just happened. Well Colby then lost it and told the guy that it is good that he was leaving because he would beat him up. After the police and days of trying to get a certain city (it is not too far from here and the rec director's name is Corey Meridith) to do the right thing, like NOT allow this guy to ump again. I am here to say that they sided with their ump and he is still getting paid to treat people like crap and to push women!
Another side note the rec directors boss of this other town is a WOMAN, I seriously don't get it... But that is besides the point.

So I have been pretty heated about the entire situation and so last night Kaid's team has another game in the other town, (oh by the way Payson's rec office told me that I should probably stay away from the ballpark, because there is obviously a conflict with me and the ump! Seriously-) so we are playing the game and we are only in the top of the 2nd inning and the other team had to take an out because they did not have enough players and when Colby said something about it, the PLAYERS and the COACH went crazy, they were swearing and throwing fits again. I was a little nervous about saying anything, but I thought I should not have to listen to all of this, so I said something to them and it calmed them down for a minute. But I guess my question is.....When did city league baseball become SO serious? Are there major league scouts that are here watching for players and coaches and umps? I mean seriously I love the game, but I don't understand people acting like they are two years old...
Does this other city not care that they are teaching their boys that A- it is OK to push women and B- that throwing a fit and swearing will get you what you want out of life?!?

Sorry that was my rant- and I will try to get off of my soap box now. But seriously people it is just a GAME!


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Fiddlefish said...

Think "road rage" but with sports. I can't believe the guy had the nerve to push you. Ooooh. Seriously -- I would have had some things to say.