Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's that time of year!

If you need to talk to me you can just catch me at my home away from home, THE BALL PARK! I am here Monday - Friday I am typically running from game to game and sometimes I even get to watch all of one kids before the next game starts.

I love baseball and I love to watch the kids play, but it gets a little overwhelming with 3 kids playing, one husband coaching, and two of the three kids also umpiring. I really earn my taxi status this time of the year!
Brett and Brock both started the same time this year and have played quite a few games already. Brett's team is 4-2 they are a really good team Brett is back to playing (after his appendix) the first game back he was not to sure if he wanted to swing the bat, but he acts like nothing ever happened now. Last night he was the catcher and he did an outstanding job. I love to watch when he is catching to me it seems like one of the funniest positions to play. He has also started this year umpiring the coach pitch games, he seems to really like it and he takes his job seriously. I don't have pictures of him playing but Shayli got this picture of him after his night of umpiring coming over to support Kaid at his game.

Brock is in Coach Pitch--- Let me just say that this is KILLING him.... He has two other brothers and a dad that have taught him HOW to play! He eat sleeps and drinks baseball. He loves everything about it and is really good. But that is the problem, he is too good. He runs from play to play to get the outs, or whatever is needed. He is the "backup" to every player. It cracks me up. I told the coach at the last game that I have talked to Brock about staying and playing the ONE position that the coach tells him to play, but it just doesn't work, the coach just said he is a good player it's ok. So I guess that as long as the coach is ok with it Brock will still run from play to play. Last night he was talking to me and he asked if he had to play another year of coach pitch next year, I told him that I was not sure...his response was if I have to I will take the year off and come back when it is real baseball! (you gotta love this kid)

Oh I almost forgot, if he does NOT get dirty, then he DID NOT have a good game! He slides even if they are not going to get him out!

Kaid has just started this week, he has only played 2 games he started out the year pitching, Colby is the coach of this team and I am not sure who is more happy about him coaching, Colby, Kaid, or Brock. It has been fun to see Colby and Kaid interact in this way. Colby has done an outstanding job coaching, last year this team was a sad team, they never won and they would usually forfeit most games, and when they did play they were typically 10 runned so they would use the "Mercy Rule" Not this year. They played two of the toughest teams this week and did quite well, they did lose both games but they only lost by 1 or 2 in either game. So this is a great accomplishment. I get nervous when Kaid is pitching because for some reason I think the game is all on his shoulders.. But he did very well both nights.

Tonight I think I only have two games so it should be an early night! Nah, who am I kidding I will be closing down the ball park. Like I said if you need me and can't find me at home, I am at the Ball Park.

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