Monday, June 15, 2009

Ms. Santaquin Pageant!

You see the title of the post?!? What is wrong with the picture of me having a child in the Ms. Santaquin Pageant?!? Your right I only have boys! Well this year Kaid was in the Ms. Santaquin pageant! So Colby and I being the good parents we are went to watch him compete for the title! We went with Vern and Sue as well they were there for moral support! Kaid did quite well in the talent part, he did not even mess up once! We were so PROUD! Next was the evening gown, he went with a knee length gown, he felt that his calf's should be shown off, rather than anything else. He sailed threw the evening gown competition rather well. Next was the question and answer- he did outstanding! Colby and I were just so proud of him. He looked so good on stage and was such a gentleman to all of the girls. They did the crowning and NO Kaid did not win! But that is alright with us because he was only there as the girls ESCORT!!!!!

Here he is after a very long night, he did a great job and we LOVE giving him a hard time about being in the pageant! It's not everyday that a mother and father of all boys can see their sons name in a pageant program and feel good about it! Can't wait until next year to see what he does!

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