Friday, May 21, 2010

Our newest edition to the family!

Ok the day finally came that we got the call that our new family member was ready to pick up. We had been waiting on pins and needles for weeks just waiting for the call....It finally came May 8th around 2:30 pm. We all loaded into the truck and drove the 10 minute drive to get him.
So here is the newest member of the family, Colby's bear! He had to wait just under a year to get it back. But it was worth the wait. The taxidermist did a great job! He looks amazing, and I was not thrilled to have a dead bear in my house, but I have to say that I like it and it is not as over powering as I thought it would be. We are still waiting on the bottom base to set the bear in, but that should be done shortly. We did some remodeling in the house (added a wall) so that we would have more room for the bear, I am sure glad that we did that. We would have not had enough room without the wall. I will post pictures of the kitchen before and after soon. Now that we have the bear I can start to decorate my living room and get things put back together.
I had to laugh the day we got the bear it was raining and Colby had borrowed a friends horse trailer to bring it home in. So when we got the bear all loaded the rain stopped and Colby had all of the boys ride in the back of the trailer with the bear to make sure that it did not tip over. Brock was in heaven, however the older two were not THRILLED in the least! They said it was cold and they now felt for the horses and cows. They said that they would never haul animals again because it was just too mean.
I have some what gotten use to having the bear in the front room, the first few nights I had nightmares about being eaten by a bear. McKaid came home one night and the lights hit the eyes just right and it scared him--- until he remembered that it was not a person.

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