Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BYU Game

This past weekend we went to the BYU football game, Brett was working the booth so Brock got to invite a friend. He chose Jared, and Jared has never been to a college football game. These two where so excited!!! They talked the entire way there about how cool it was going to be and that BYU was going to win. This was right before the game, they think they are gangsters :) I wasn't sure if they where going to sit down or not. This is them during the game just entertaining themselves during a TV timeout. I love this picture of them--- they are too cute.
This next one was just as the game ended and BYU pulled out a victory- I don't know who was more excited Brock, Jared or BYU! These two started screaming and jumping up and down. It was so fun to watch them in their excitement. It was a fun game and nice to take Jared.
You can just see the excitement in their faces. I love these kids.

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