Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vikings Football

This year Brock was on the Viking's team, they were AWESOME! Brock loves football and everything about it so he was in heaven each game. His hair is wild because it was crazy hair day at school yesterday so we divided his hair into two sections one spiky and the other straight, and then we took purple hair color in it and made stripes. It was fun he was excited to have it that way for the game because it was Viking's colors. We had to laugh he plays so hard and at half time he can down his drink and then go right back out and play. If it was me I would be puking my guts out from drinking and exercising. :)
Brock has a great year they ended the season taking 3rd! He scored points in every game! And last night he scored 8 points he ran for a touchdown and then caught the pass for the extra points. He played quarterback a lot of the time so he also threw for a lot of the touchdowns. It was fun to watch him and see his excitement and enthusiasm. Keep it up Brock!

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