Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He has a brain!

So the past few weeks have been a little crazy at our house, Brock has been having"issues" for the past 7 or 8 weeks. He would kind of pass out. To say the least it was really scary, when we took him to his pediatrician he was extremely worried about what we where dealing with and sent us right to Primary Children's hospital to meet with a pediatric neurologist. They told us that they would be doing several tests to see if they could figure out what was going on. Brock was pretty nervous about if they would hurt or what they would do- the doctor told him that they were going to be looking at his brain and heart. Brock instantly perked up and said so you will see my brain, the doctor said yes we will be able to see all of your brain. Brock then said can we take pictures of it so I can show everyone how cool my brain looks. This is one of the first tests they did it is an EGG, they hook up all of these wires to your head to measure your brain waves. They glued them into his hair, he was not to happy when they went to pull them out. They then wrap your head with gauze so that you can move around and not loose any of the leads. Once he was ready to go they monitored him "normally" then had him exercise, and then go to sleep. Which they said OK Brock you need to go to sleep now- Colby and I looked at him a few minutes later and he was OUT! The last thing they do is to put a strobe light in front of his eyes and have it go off.
We got back his results and his "issues" are seizures, which they think are caused by stress....We are thrilled that this was the outcome for him. It was a true answer to many prayers. We are tyring to keep him from stress to prevent more of the seizures. :)

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Good luck with everything!