Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The concert Brett has been waiting for has come and gone! Brett found out it seems like almost a year ago that Nickelback was coming in concert and he was counting down the days. So I promised him we would go when they came, so tickets went on sale and I was set to have some great seats and Colby said when is it again I said Oct 20th - he says don't buy Brett a ticket he will be hunting in Idaho. So I released the tickets and went on with life, Brett was really sad but alright because they would be hunting.....that ended up falling through so at the last minute we got tickets.
We actually ended up with some really good seats, here is Brett and Riley- it was tons of fun and glad we got to go. It will bring an end to the concert season for 2010. Unless Alan Jackson does a Christmas concert some where. Glad to have had some fun times with Brett and his friends. I hope we made memories that will last. We have a tradition of going to dinner before the concert both these two boys got talking some pretty deep stuff. Hope they know how much I love them and admire them for holding to what they believe.

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