Monday, January 19, 2009


Last week I was talking to Brock about how his day at school had gone and how he had done that week, he proceeds to tell me that his teacher only gave him 90% on a test because she had said that he CHEATED! I asked how did you cheat, he said that he did not, but that his teacher said that he did. I knew that we had SEP the next day so I thought that I would talk to his teacher then. So the next day as we were driving to SEP's Brock was extremely nervous, which he usually is. But I kept asking for more details on the Cheating he did not give me anything other than what had already been said.....So in we go to meet with his teacher, we sit down and she tells us that Brock is doing well and there are no concerns at all. I was a bit puzzled by this so when she asked if there were any questions I of course said YES. I proceeded to tell her what Brock had said the night before, she had a weird look on her face and said that Brock has never cheated, and Brock said it was on my math time test......The light went on with the teacher, and she started to apologize. She then proceeds to tell me that they were working on doing speed tests, so before they started Brock went through his paper and wrote a 1 in front of all the problems, which would have allowed him to finish the entire paper in the time allowed, but one problem....Not all of them would be ten or higher... So she told Brock that he could not cheat the system. And once she gave him a new paper, he only missed one, so he got 99% but Brock said that it was 90% because he is not understanding the 99%. It was really quite funny once we got the full story. His poor teacher felt so bad, she kept apologizing and said she will find a different way to say things. You gotta love a kid that thinks outside of the box. I always knew that Brock was the one that was going to keep us on our toes!

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Candi and kids said...

I am glad that your kids sep conferences went better than mine!!!