Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

OK, so how lucky am I to have two amazing moms! And both of their birthdays are in January. So I get to let them know how much I love them and appreciate the things they do for me. For some of you who I have not seen in a while this is my birth mother, I have had the opportunity to have her in my life for seven years now. How lucky I am to get to have her and her family share our lives. Kathy is wonderful; she has taken us in and loved us without even a second thought. She is the peacemaker and is always thinking of others. I have learned many things from her, and I get a lot of things from her (inherited) it has been fun for me to see where I get my long legs and funny feet, my stubbornness. (Which by the way is a WEAVER thing) I truly love her and love getting to know more about her and the many talents she has and shares with me and the boys. Mom I hope that you have a great birthday and know that I love you and enjoy having you and dad in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Erika, Colby & The boys.

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