Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Party

For our "ward" snow party, we usually go out to the church farm and have fun, this year we were told at the last minute that the church was no longer allowing motorized machines on the property. So we had to punt, luckily we found a great lady that said we could use her property. So we headed over for an afternoon of fun. Brock was so excited to go and get to be out in the snow, I think he was on a tube the entire time. He was freezing by the time we got home. But he enjoyed every minute.

This is what Brett did the entire day, he would drag kids around and drop them off and get another load of kids. He loves to be in charge.

This is a photo of Kaid after he had gone on a ride where Vern tried every trick in the book to get him to fall off of the tube. He never did fall off he just got a face full of snow. I was pretty amazed that he could hold on through some of the tricks that Vern did.

This is what Colby did, he sat and talked to everyone and made sure that they were warm and had plenty to eat. He is really good at taking care of people. For some reason he never wants to get out and take a ride on the tubes.

This is me, Chelsey, and Nat, we were braving the tube with Kaid in the driver seat...Needless to say we where ready for a wild ride. He loves to be able to get his old mom flying in the air. We held on as long as we could but the three of us where no match for Kaid. Kaid was taking Nat and Lacee for a ride and they did not even make it out of the gate. It was quite comical. I think everyone had a good time and made memories that will last a lifetime.

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