Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I know this won't come as a big shock to most of you but I will admit it, I am a bit of a trouble maker:) I try to do as my mother taught me, but sometimes I just can't help myself. Well a few years ago I was in our wards YM and had the wonderful opportunity to go to girl camp, (here's a shout out to "Larry" and the rest of the homies!) Anyways, we caught wind that there was going to be an "air raid" and we did not want to have a few of the girls wake up that way so the YW President gave me the charge to do whatever and yes she said WHATEVER, I had to do to keep them from waking up our ward....That was all I needed! So me and a bunch of girls dressed in Camo, stayed up all night and we won the battle! And it seemed that Celine was with us that entire camp experience, we listened to her all night staying awake and then from the very loudest setting in my car for all of camp to sing karaoke too. It was so fun and one of the funnest weeks I have had. (i got released shortly after camp, but that is another LONG story) But while at camp we all said that if she ever came to Utah we were going, well let's just say that I have a date with some of the very best gal pal's I know. I am so excited, every time I hear one of her songs I can't help but go back to that week in June....Thanks girls for the memories. The count down has started.

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