Monday, February 23, 2009

Husband Tag

OK, so I was tagged last week by Melody..I put it off but I have a minute so I thought I would do it. This is a chance to see how well you know your husband...

1. He is sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? Hunting Shows

2. You're out to eat what kind of dressing on his salad? Ranch

3. What's one food he doesn't like? Roast

4. You go out to eat and have a drink what does he order? Strawberry Lemonade

5. Where did he go to High School? Spanish Fork

6. What shoe size does he wear? 10

7. What is his favorite type of sandwich? Italian BMT

8. What would he eat everyday if he could? Tacos

9. What is his favorite cereal? Oatmeal (which makes me gag!)

10. What would he never wear? Shorts

11. What is his favorite sports team? Like anyone could not guess this! BYU Cougars

12. Who did he vote for? McCain (I guess, I never did ask him. I thought that is why it is private booths to vote in. :) )

13. Who is his best friend? Duh! Me

14. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't? Probably that I am the "lawyer" for the kids. (i am working on not being the "lawyer")

15. Did he play sports in high school? Baseball, football

16. What could he spend hours doing? Hunting, fishing, horseback riding, fixing things, and spending time with the family.

17. What is one unique talent he has? Raising Pigs! Who knew that?!?!

Colby is a great husband, father, and friend. I appreciate all that he does for me and the boys. He is always teaching by example. ( he never asks the kids to do something that he is not willing to do) and he has a heart of gold, he would give someone the shirt off of his back if they needed it. (I have seen him do this)

I tag Norma, Charlyn, Candi, Krista, Tara and anyone else that wants to play along.

Also, I will post Kaid's dance pictures and I do have a great post about the concert! Thanks Gals it was a BLAST!


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Charlyn said...

I fell your pain on the hunting movies. I have seen more mossback elk gone wild than I ever cared too. This was fun to read. I'll get on it as I have been a big blogging slacker!!