Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Better Late Than Never..

So this last week was quite an eventful one, we had lots going every night. On Tuesday Brett had a choir concert at school, we went and was a very nice evening. They had all of the grades involved and I got to listen to some of the girls from the neighborhood. I'm sorry I don't have pictures - next time.

On Friday Colby got off work early and asked if the boys wanted to go up the canyon, so as soon as I got off work we headed up.... it was so pretty we went to Payson Lakes and went fishing.

We were able to walk right down to the lake and set up our chairs. It was a little cold, but a lot of fun. Colby got the poles ready and we sat down and watched the sun set. It was a fun night. We were hoping that we would see a buck near by so that we could fill one of the deer tags that we had, but no such luck. But with the fishing we did have some luck....We caught one fish (actually I caught one) as you can see I let Brock hold it I did not want to have the smell on my hands....
After this we headed home so that everyone could get ready to head out in the morning to go deer hunting....

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