Monday, October 13, 2008

Reba, Reba, Reba

OK, so as promised. Brett and I went to Salt Lake to go see Reba, we got off to a late start and traffic was a mess there were 4 accidents along the way and then we missed the exit we needed to go eat at TGI Fridays. So we went to Training Table for dinner. We then heading up to the concert. We took Colby's badge so we could park close (this came in very handy when we were heading home) and then went into the concert we found our seats and waited. We had talked about the opening act and wondered how it would be done because they had said that Reba & Kelly would be performing together, we had no idea what to expect. Then all of the sudden out comes a tall blond with a sign that says "get on your feet" we couldn't figure out who it was until she said something........ It was barbara jean!!! Actually Melissa Peterman (she played Barbara Jean on the show Reba)
She came out and did stand up for about 40 minutes, let me tell you she is hysterical, Brett and I laughed and laughed. I loved the television show, but really did not think that she would be that good. Once she was done we were ready to see Reba.

This is Brett and I waiting to have the concert start. They had a huge drape around the stage and they would shine lights on it to change the colors of the stage, it went deep red and then the lights went down and you heard the music start. We were both so excited the song that they started with was from the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" Brett did not know the song but all of the older people knew it. Once the curtain dropped this is what the stage looked like.

They would take turns singing a few of Reba's songs and then they would do a few of Kelly's songs. They sang a lot of Reba's old songs which are some of my favorites. It was a really good concert. Brett and I both enjoyed it. Once it was over and time to come home we headed out of the concert and to the car and were on the road heading home in 3 1/2 minutes!!!! Thanks to Colby's key pass!!!! I have never gotten on the road from a concert that fast. We are defiantly going to have to take it for Celine next month! We were home so quick we even beat Kaid home fro
his night out!


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