Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here Piggy, Here Piggy, piggy,piggy

Sorry about the blurry photo, I was using my phone camera. I went up to feed the horses last night with Colby, Brett, and Brock. And this was the first time I could see the pigs in the light, Colby and the boys bought pigs this weekend. Can you count them???? He bought six they are really cute, but they are noisy. And let me tell you they like their food... Brock was trying to come up with names for them all, I think he is getting overwhelmed with trying to name them because he said how about Joe, Smokey, Sierra, B, Y, and U! The first 3 are the horses names and B, Y, and U are what the last three pigs were named. It really cracks me up because Brock will know what one is what and will call them by their names, when we slaughter them he wants to know what one he is eating, I know it is morbid but that's how he is.


Barnum Family said...

I love your blog Erika. Where did you take your family photos. They are really nice.

Erika said...

We had them done over in Spanish Fork behind the new sports complex.