Monday, October 20, 2008

What Time of Year is this?????

If any of you are wondering what the answer to the above question is.. In our house it is hunting season! With 3 boys and Colby the season starts somewhere in early August and ends......I don't know when. It seems that they are always out hunting something or out scouting for something else. But whatever it keeps them out of trouble. (for the most part) This weekend was the opening of the rifle deer hunt, so out we went. We went with the Koller's and meet in the Walmart parking lot to head out to get some deer. We were up way early and when we got to where we were going to hunt everyone split up into groups. The first being Dave, Lisa, and Ryan. 2nd group Kaid, Matt, and Brett. 3rd Colby, Me, Brock, Jared, and Ty. The first two groups were on 4wheelers and we were on foot. Did I forget to say I have asthma which is typically activity induced asthma?!?!? We started on our walk-hike I kept making Colby slow down because I was dying....We finally got to our destination or so I thought! We found a bunch of deer just eating and guess what there was a BUCK!!! but could we get any one with a tag to answer the radios or cell phones? NO. so Colby said he was going to go higher on the mountain and we needed to stay there and watch the deer to see which way they go if they leave, and remember to be quite!!! did he forget it was me and the "little boys" quite is not in their vocabulary let alone their beings... So we sat there and waited watching the deer that was just looking at us not really concerned with our presence, I felt like a broken record saying be quite. So we decided that we should all close our eyes and just relax for a few minutes and apparently it worked. This is what Colby came back down the mountain too.

Yes this is everyone of us asleep. We did not even make a sound. Aren't we the best hunters around?

So after a morning and part of the afternoon we decided to head back toward the group and see what they wanted to do. We made our way down the mountain and found the group and Kaid and Matt had decided that they did not want to hunt out there any longer and they wanted to go somewhere else. Colby called a friend to see if he could get a key to get them on to another piece of property. His friend said "tell kaid to pull up his skirt and get back out there and hunt" we all laughed at this and Kaid replied back that he would get a deer before the pressure was on, Kaid and Matt went and took the little boys with them and the rest of us went back out to see what we could do. We had been out about 2 hours and we get a text from Kaid saying he needed help lifting up his skirt while he cleaned the deer, we told him that we needed photos before we would believe that they had gotten one........
The is Matt with his first deer, the second is the "little boys" Brock, Ty, and Jared. They were all pretty excited. Kaid was happy to be able to help Matt get his deer, he only had one day to hunt so it was exciting.
Since the race was now officially on for us to get a deer we headed into town to get some gas and some shakes...We decided to celebrate we got double bacon cheeseburgers as well.

I know that this is a little bit blurry, but Colby took it on his phone. I don't know if we were just starving or what but this was the best food I have eaten in a long time.

This is Dave, Lisa, Brett, Ryan and me. Lisa was a trooper she was just getting over an accident and she did not complain, even though she was in a lot of pain. So all in all it was a good weekend. We only got one deer but it was not for lack of effort. Hopefully we can fill the rest of the tags this week.

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