Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bear Hunt Part II

Let me just say that this totally FREAKS me out!!! I am not going to try and hide the fact that I am totally terrified by this! Colby went up to put out more bait for the BEARS and to swap out the SD cards on his tree cameras. When he got home he jumped on the computer and this is what he found....... Yes your seeing this right! A MOUNTAIN LION!!!!! All night I kept dreaming about Colby and a mountain lion, I told him about it this morning and he told me there is NO need to worry.
You can see the food on the ground, those are donuts which are out in the open and then under the logs, that is pumpkin pies. On the ground there is meat that Colby takes up and burns and then leaves for the bears.

Do you remember that I said I went up to the bait site with Colby the other day? Well right by the donuts is where I was sitting! I told Colby that I am NOT going back up there with him. All of the kids thought this was the coolest thing, I really don't understand what is so neat?!?! It just scares me! Colby missed seeing the mountain lion by only about an HOUR! He is hoping that next time he sees it or a BEAR!
Wish me LUCK!


The Barnum Family said...

where is the bear picture? And the squirrel. I had a good time tonight. It is so cool how the Ward has this tradition.

Cherice said...

Not exactly the most comforting thing to see. On the other hand, what a cool photo!