Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bear Hunt

On Easter we decided to head up with Colby to go check his tree cameras and see if there had been any bears come in to the bait. So Brett and Colby headed up on the hike, and Brock and I stayed in the truck. I was trying to study for a test and Brock was decided that he was going to get out and play with his trucks in the dirt. I told him that was fine. He lasted about 10 minutes then he jumped in the truck and said that he was bored... Great I did NOT want to get out. We are in BEAR territory. I tried to distract Brock with games on my cell phone and on the palm pilot, he was totally BORED! There was no escaping it, so I told him that we could go for a little walk, but not far because I did not want to see a BEAR!

We walked just down the trail about 100 yards to the water, and Brock wanted to see if we could walk across it like Colby and Brett had done, I told him that we were not going to get wet but we could stand on the rock in the middle of the water and take a picture, so we did. Brock wanted to get one of me, I think he was hoping that I would fall in and then he could get wet.

After we had spent enough time at the water I told him that we needed to start back to the truck. He was kind enough to make a trail for me in the snow, he would stomp around so that I did not have to get snow in my shoes. In some places it was still 6 or 7 inches deep. As we came up the trail I saw a............

I bet you thought that I was going to see a Bear. We saw a bunch of turkeys, so we started to walk closer to them to see if we could get a better picture of them. As we were walking towards them, Brock was telling me all sorts of instructions on what I should do to sneak up on them. As we got closer to them the toms all took off and there was this one and one other that stayed around. Brock was determined to get closer so I stayed where I was and he decided to go around and see just how close he could get. He was so cute, he would walk close to the ground and then he would get behind trees and then do his turkey call and he had the patience to just wait it out. It took about 3 minutes for him get this close.That is right, that is Brock's hand on the turkey's back he was petting this turkey!

I can't figure out the last photo to make it big it was done on a cell phone. He was so excited just as he had made his way to the turkey and was petting it, Colby and Brett came back and got to see it. These were not tame turkeys but Colby said that there might be something wrong with it to allow humans to come that close and to touch it. But Brock did not care, he was so excited and he KNOWS that it was all his own hunting skills that he has gotten.


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