Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life Updated

Wow, these past few days have really flown by, with the funeral and Colby's birthday, getting ready for the BEAR hunt, and Prom life has just flown right by me.
Like I said it was Colby's birthday, he turned 35! We went out to dinner and to Cabela's to get him another camera and a tree stand. I think he had a great least I hope he did.

Kaid sent me a text yesterday of this picture, the text said "Look at my art work hanging in the display case at school" I had to ask if he was pulling my leg, he assured me that he was not he said you can see the light in the reflection of the glass.

I have absolutely zero artistic abilities. But they get it from their great grandma Davis, she was an excellent artist. It is really nice to see that he is using his talents and awesome to be able to have it displayed, I can't wait to actually see the photo in person. He used water colors in the top half for the sky, and I can't remember what he said that he used for the log and the birds.

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Fiddlefish said...

Ummmm....okay. Can you see my jaw sitting on the floor? H-O-L-Y C-O-W!!! That watercolor is absolutely amazing. I think I'll put my pathetic stick figure drawings away now. LOL