Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Turkey Hunt

Well, Kaid got a turkey tag for the Beaver area this year. He was so excited. When he drew out he realized that there was one small problem. The hunt started on Prom, he decided he would go to Prom (which I promise I will get photos of that soon) and then head out on Sunday to see if he could get a turkey. So he an his friend Scott loaded everything up in the truck and headed out for Cove Fort to set up camp. On Sunday they said that they saw a few but did not have any luck at getting close enough for a shot. So they got up bright and early on Monday to head out, they found the one that Kaid had seen on Sunday and they waited and waited, they decided that they would go back out after them in the afternoon, late evening. Kaid was where he wanted to be and he started to "call" in the turkeys. He had this one talking to him and he got it in closer to him so the shot was about 55 yards, and he decided to take it.

He was so excited, this is the best picture I have because it (the turkey) is now in the freezer waiting to head to the taxidermist. Yes, I will be adding to the collection at my house of dead, stuffed animals.

The stats on this kill are as follows: Kaid called it in, a 55 yard shot, and a 9 inch beard. And a happy child. What more could a mother ask for?!?


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Cherice said...

You live SUCH an exciting life! This is a GREAT shot!